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Although SAR arranges short visits to Network member institutions to allow scholars to continue their work while hoping that conditions in the home country will improve enough to allow safe return, we also recognize that in many cases return in one or two years is unlikely. SAR therefore compiles information and advice for scholars who are likely to remain in exile for several years or longer to help them through the difficult process of restarting their academic careers or studies in a new place.

Tips for Academic Job Searches

The following advice may help displaced scholars begin a job search in a new community:

Organize... your job search. You should have an updated and properly formatted curriculum vitae (c.v). Confidential reference letters from colleagues and advisors may be requested. You may be asked for a writing sample or a research abstract. Transcripts or copies of diplomas may also be requested by some search committees.

Start Early! The heaviest time for job listings tends to be late fall or early winter for faculty positions available during the next academic year. Therefore, plan to start your job search at least one year in advance.

Continue... to develop research projects and submit scholarly works - books, articles, or papers - for publication.

Contact... the professional association for your academic discipline (for example, the American Historical Association, the Modern Language Association, or the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology). Some professional organizations publish job listings in their journal on a national or regional basis. In addition, the organizations usually hold yearly conferences where there is an opportunity to network and interview for positions.

Consider... teaching at community colleges and institutions offering certificate and diploma programs, in addition to four-year universities and colleges.

Seek... adjunct positions or part-time teaching positions (possibly with adult education programs) or temporary research appointments in the interim.

Network... continuously with faculty on campus, your mentors and colleagues from other schools.

Check... job placement or job listing services and publications like the Chronicle of Higher Education for ads for academic positions.

Realize... that relocation is a strong possibility for many candidates pursuing academic positions. Plan for travel expenses for interviews and moving expenses.

Read... job-hunting manuals for the academic job search for more detailed information.

Job Search Resources and Tools

The following links to career-related resources and advice may be helpful to displaced and refugee scholars seeking to restart their careers or studies in the US and elsewhere:

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