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Alerts/Scholars in Prison

Scholars at Risk undertakes activities on behalf of scholars still under threat in their home country-such as those suffering prosecution on improper or false charges or wrongfully imprisoned-as well as against widespread threats to an entire faculty, university or system.


SAR issues two types of alerts. Action alerts invite individuals to take timely action on behalf of a threatened scholar or in response to a wider incident, generally by sending letters, faxes, emails or making calls to media, policymakers and other key stakeholders. SAR provides background on the situation, contact information for stakeholders and draft text for messages. Information alerts provide information about situations which may be of interest to the list members but do not require action, such as updates on prior action alerts.

Recent alerts:

Nasser bin Ghaith (UAE):

       Current Status: Detained Incommunicado

SAR letter 2016-04-27     Call for action 2016-04-27

SAR letter 2015-08-26     Call for action 2015-08-26


Omid Kokabee (Iran):

       Current Status: Imprisoned

SAR Letter 2016-04-19     Call for Action 2016-04-19

SAR Letter 2012-12-03     Call for Action 2012-12-03    Model letter of appeal

SAR Letter 2012-05-24     Call for Action 2012-05-24    Model letter of appeal

SAR Letter 2011-07-21     Call for Action 2011-07-21    Model letter of appeal


Mohammad Hossein Rafiee (Iran):

       Current Status: Imprisoned

SAR Letter 2016-03-10    Call for Action 2016-03-10

SAR Letter 2015-11-09    Call for Action 2015-11-09

Masaud Jahromi (Bahrain):
        Current Status: Citizenship Revoked 1/31/2015

SAR letter 2016-03-03

SAR letter 2015-02-12     Call for action 2015-02-17    

SAR letter 2011-12-20     Call for action 2011-12-20    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2011-11-01     Call for action 2011-11-01    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2011-08-16     Call for action 2011-08-16    Model letter of appeal


Ilham Tohti (China):

      Current Status: Imprisoned

SAR letter 2015-12-01     Call for action 2015-12-01

SAR letter 2014-11-21     Call for action 2014-11-21

SAR letter 2014-09-24     Call for action 2014-09-24

Information update 2014-08-01

SAR letter 2014-06-19     Information update 2014-06-19

SAR letter 2014-04-15     Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2014-01-21     Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2013-02-12     Call for action 2013-02-13    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2009-07-24     Call for action 2009-07-27


Abdul Jalil Al-Singace (Bahrain):

      Current Status: Imprisoned

Call for action 2015-11-25

SAR Letter 2015-11-17     Call for action 2015-11-17

Call for action 2015-10-07

Call for action 2015-08-28

SAR letter 2015-04-29     Call for action 2015-04-29

SAR letter 2012-09-05     Call for action 2012-09-05    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2012-08-09     Call for action 2012-08-09    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2012-04-27     Call for action 2012-04-27    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2011-06-22     Call for action 2011-06-22    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2011-03-18     Call for action 2011-03-18    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2010-10-14     Call for action 2010-10-14    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2010-08-27     Call for action 2010-08-27


Group of professors (Thailand):

       Current Status: Facing Prosecution

SAR Letter 2015-11-23

Maâti Monjib (Morocco):

       Current Status: Travel Restrictions

Call for Action 2015-10-28

SAR Letter 2015-10-28

Manuela Picq (Ecuador):

       Current Status: Visa Cancellation

SAR letter 2015-10-20

SAR letter 2015-08-21

SAR letter 2015-08-17


Group of 14 university students arrested (Thailand)

SAR letter 2015-06-26     Call for action 2015-06-26

Hamid Babaei (Iran):
        Current Status: Imprisoned

Call for action 2015-09-04

SAR letter 2015-03-12     Call for action 2015-03-12

SAR letter 2014-04-02     Model letter of appeal


Alexander Sodiqov (Tajikistan):
        Current Status: Travel Restriction Lifted (09/10/2014); Facing Charges (released 07/22/2014)

SAR letter 2014-06-24     Call for action 2014-06-25

Azmi Sharom (Malaysia):

SAR letter 2014-09-11    Call for action 2014-09-11

Abreha Desta (Ethiopia):

SAR letter 2014-07-23     Call for action 2014-07-24

Habib Kazdaghli (Tunisia):

Information update 2014-06-20  

Information update 2013-05-03    


Pinar Selek (Turkey):
        Current Status: Sentence Overturned 06/11/2014

Information Update 2014-06-12

SAR letter 2013-02-28     Call for action 2012-02-28    Model letter of appeal


SAR alert 2014-05-29     

Prof. Kibret and Mr. Hailu (Ethiopia):

SAR letter 2014-05-05     Model letter of appeal

Amr Hamzawy (Egypt):

SAR letter 2014-03-12     Model letter of appeal

Kemal Guruz (Turkey):
Released: 09/05/2013

SAR letter 2013-08-06     Call for action 2013-08-06    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2013-06-20     Call for action 2013-06-20    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2012-12-20     Call for action 2012-12-20    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2012-07-24     Call for action 2012-07-24    Model letter of appeal

Busra Ersanli (Turkey):
Current Status: Facing Charges (released 07/13/2012)

SAR letter 2013-05-14     Call for action 2013-05-14    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2012-09-27     Call for action 2012-09-27    Model letter of appeal

Information update 2012-07-13

SAR letter 2011-11-09     Call for action 2011-11-09    Model letter of appeal

Habib Kazdaghli (Tunisia):

Information update 2013-05-03    

University of Aleppo (Syria):

Joint statement by SAR, CARA and IIESRF 2013-01-18

Hadif Rashid al-Owais (UAE):

SAR letter 2012-11-30     Call for action 2012-11-30    Model letter of appeal

Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel):

SAR letter 2012-10-26

Mohammed Salah Mohammed (Sudan):
Released: 08/10/2012

Information update 2012-08-13

SAR letter 2012-07-31     Call for action 2012-07-31    Model letter of appeal

Abdolfattah Soltani (Iran):

SAR letter 2012-06-20     Call for action 2012-06-20    Model letter of appeal

Gu Chuan (China):

SAR letter 2012-04-10     Call for action 2012-04-10    Model letter of appeal


SAR letter 2012-03-16     Call for action 2012-03-16    Model letter of appeal

Abdolreza Ghanbari (Iran):

SAR letter 2012-03-14     Call for action 2012-03-14    Model letter of appeal

Mohamed Zain Al-Abideen (Sudan):
Released: 03/04/2012

Information update 2012-03-06

SAR letter 2012-02-27     Call for action 2012-02-27    Model letter of appeal


SAR alert 2012-02-14

Pham Minh Hoang (Vietnam):
Current Status: House Arrest (released from prison 01/13/2012)

Information update 2012-01-20 

Joint statement 2011-10-04     

SAR letter 2011-07-27     Call for action 2011-07-27    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2010-09-03     Call for action 2010-09-03    Model letter of appeal

Yassin Ziadeh (Syria):
Released: 11/05/2011

Information update 2012-01-20 

SAR letter 2011-10-06     Call for action 2011-10-06    Model letter of appeal

Nasser bin Ghaith (UAE):
Released: 11/28/2011

Information update 2011-11-29 

SAR letter 2011-04-15     Call for action 2011-04-15    Model letter of appeal

Ramin Zibaei (Iran):

SAR letter 2011-10-31     Call for action 2011-10-31    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2011-08-29     Call for action 2011-08-29    Model letter of appeal

Aziz Bari (Malaysia):

SAR letter 2011-10-28     Call for action 2011-10-28    Model letter of appeal

Emadeddin Baghi (Iran):
Released: 06/20/2011

Information update 2011-06-23 

SAR letter 2010-12-06      

SAR letter 2010-09-27     Call for action 2010-09-27    Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2010-06-25

SAR letter 2010-04-19     Call for action 2010-04-19

Ai Weiwei (China):
Released: 06/22/2011

Information update 2011-06-23 

SAR letter 2011-04-27     Call for action 2011-04-27    Model letter of appeal

Alyaksandr Fyaduta (Belarus):
Released: 04/08/2011

SAR letter 2011-02-01     Call for action 2011-02-01    Model letter of appeal

Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran):
        Released: 09/18/2013


SAR letter 2011-01-19     Call for action 2011-01-19     Model letter of appeal

SAR letter 2010-10-01     Call for action 2010-10-01     Model letter of appeal

Liu Xiaobo (China)

SAR press release on Human Rights Day 2010-12-10

Svyatoslav Bobyshev and Yevgeny Afanasyev (Russia):

SAR letter 2010-10-26     Call for action 2010-10-26    Model letter of appeal

Nazima Talib (Pakistan):

Call for action 2010-05-20

Cui Weiping (China):    

SAR letter 2010-03-26     Call for action 2010-03-29

Massoud Ali-Mohammadi (Iran):

Call for action 2010-01-25

Kian Tajbakhsh (Iran):    

SAR letter 2009-11-03     Call for action 2009-11-06

SAR letter 2009-07-24     Call for action 2009-07-27

Giles Ji Ungpakorn (Thailand):

SAR letter 2009-02-12     Call for action 2009-02-12




In situations where threats are especially serious or prolonged SAR may develop campaigns coordinating various activities, including alerts, events and site visits.  Such campaigns are coordinated by volunteer faculty or students at SAR member institutions under the direction of the SAR office and board.

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