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The Network consists of higher education institutions (members), academic associations and related organizations (affiliate members), national or regional SAR Sections, and SAR Partner Networks.  (Individuals may join as Friends of Scholars at Risk.)

Members and affiliates in the same country or region interested in greater coordination of SAR activities in their area are invited to discuss with SAR the formation of an SAR Section. New members or affiliates in an area where an SAR Section already exists will be registered with the section automatically. Pre-existing networks of higher education institutions that share SAR’s interest in academic freedom, institutional autonomy and related higher education values are invited to enter cooperation agreements between their network and SAR to offer opportunities to participate in SAR activities to the partner’s members, to encourage their participation, and to coordinate activities among them.

New members and affiliate members may indicate their interest in joining the network by clicking the button on the right and completing the 'Join the Network' form. (Click for a printable PDF member form or affiliate form for mailing.)

To learn about Network opportunities, from arranging a student advocacy seminar to hosting a scholar, please download the SAR Activities Menu:  


Rights & Obligations of Membership (Requirements)

The obligations of membership include the following. There are no other obligations of membership.

  • Commitment to academic freedom: Members commit to the principle that scholars should be free to work without fear or intimidation, as set forth in the Scholars at Risk network’s founding statement.
  • Official SAR representative: Members designate a primary representative to communicate with the SAR office, partner network or SAR section (if any), and other members and affiliates, including receiving information about scholars seeking temporary assistance and other network activities. The primary representative is responsible for sharing within the institution information about opportunities for institutional, faculty or student involvement in SAR activities (see below). Members are encouraged, but not required, to establish a local committee of interested administrators, faculty and students to share responsibility for determining when and how to participate in any activities.
  • Rights of membership:  Members in good standing are eligible to vote at annual and special membership meetings; receive discounts on admission to SAR events and publications; and receive preferential consideration of their faculty and students for SAR services, fellowships, internships and other opportunities as they may develop.


Activities and Opportunities for Participation  (Optional)

Participation in any specific SAR activity, including hosting scholars, is optional and at the discretion of the institution through its primary representative. SAR provides opportunities for members to engage at all levels (institutional, administration, faculty, students, and alumni), including:
  • Student internship opportunities, working in the SAR office or remotely from your home institution.
  • Helping to shape SAR’s priorities and direction, including by suggesting new activities.


Membership Subscriptions

Scholars at Risk invites members, affiliates and partner network members to contribute a regular annual subscription, and offers two additional opportunities to help support global participation and sustain network activities. 

Sustaining membership
SAR’s regular subscription rate reflects a desire to encourage a wide range of institutions to participate. As a result regular subscriptions do not cover the full costs of SAR’s services for scholars and higher education institutions, leaving SAR dependent on grants and other irregular sources of third-party support. Members, affiliates and partner network members able to do so are asked to contribute an additional sustaining membership subscription reflecting the full costs of SAR coordination, outreach, advising and other services. Sustaining subscribers will be specially recognized on the SAR website and in SAR events and communications.

US $5,000

Regular subscription*
Network members, affiliates and partner network members are asked to contribute an annual subscription to support the activities of the network office, including services for scholars and members/affiliates, the SAR website, email alerts, newsletter and publications, the SAR Speaker Series, conferences and other events. (Institutions that may have difficulty with the subscription are invited to contact SAR to request a reduction or waiver.)

US $800


Global sponsorship(s)
Sponsorship of regular membership waivers or reductions for higher education institution(s) from countries in crisis or otherwise unable to meet the regular subscription.

US $800
x # of institutions sponsored


 Confirming membership

After submitting the 'Join the Network' form and any subscription(s), your status will be PENDING.  SAR will then review your submission, confirm your membership and contact you with information for new members.



If you have any questions about membership, SAR Sections or SAR Partner Networks, or any difficulty with the online form, please contact us at or +1-212-998-4843. 

Thank you again for your interest in joining this important work.  We look forward to working with you!

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