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Scholars at Risk's 'Courage to Think' campaign courageous individuals who advance ideas against resistance.  Institutions are invited to join in the campaign by hosting a "Courage to Think' dialogue on their campus.  Other opportunities include celebrations of International Academic Freedom Day, SAR's Regional Speaker Series, and "Share Your Stories", a chance to share with SAR video, photos, audio or other stories about how a campus has been involved in protecting scholars and promoting academic freedom.  Read, watch or listen to the stories below:

Share your stories!

As part of the 'Courage to Think' campaign, Scholars at Risk invites stories from scholars who have been helped and campus leaders, administrators, faculty, students and friends who have opened their hearts and homes to them. Share with us your emails, mails, letters, pictures, audio, video or whatever you have about how you or your campus has been involved in protecting scholars and promoting academic freedom.

Courage to ThinkAn introduction to the Scholars at Risk Network

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  • Scholar Stories

    Stories of scholars assisted by SAR members and partners or participating in SAR activities.

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  • Literature (Democratic Republic of Congo)

    " The Director of  Prisons told me that I was no longer a professor. He told me to forget my name. He said that when I die, they would just throw me away."

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  • Journalism/Literature (Iraq)

    "I pray for peace to prevail. I want to go back to my university students and my library."

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  • Food Science / Agriculture (Syria)

    "[Scholars at Risk] gave me back my self-confidence at a time when I thought that the world had failed to help us."

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  • Neda Soltani talks about her journey

    "Scholars who are at risk need the support of universities [...] to have a chance, to have a perspective, and to be hopeful that one day, life will be normal again."

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  • Professor Felix Kaputu shares his story

    "Working with [Scholars at Risk], we have an opportunity to build a better world, and bring academic resources together for a better global society"

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